General Server


The fastest, easiest way to create local WordPress Websites.

Whether you’re a WordPress developer, designer, or website owner, chances are you have accumulated your own stash of tools, plugins, and processes that make your life easier. DesktopServer is a single integrated tool that is proven to save you time testing, developing, managing, and creating fully functional website servers on your own computer. DesktopServer allows you to quickly and easily generate optimized WordPress projects that run locally.

Prior to DesktopServer you would have had to install a LAMP stack, edit multiple configuration files, create databases, create security credentials, and repeat the process for each new project or site you wanted to run; a painful time consuming and unfriendly process for non-developers and seasoned programmers alike. DesktopServer diminishes mundane tasks and is preferred even by advanced developers who like to tinker with WordPress Multisite based projects, domain aliases, and host files.

Advanced WordPress designers love DesktopServer because it enables fast automated development. DesktopServer can create a new site in only a few seconds with just a couple of mouse clicks. DesktopServer installs all the necessary WordPress files, secures authentication keys and salts, and creates the database for you. By making it simple enough for the casual user or novice, but robust enough for the most experienced developer means that DesktopServer will have the capabilities to fulfill your needs as your experience grows. Creating a new WordPress site in seconds is just where the awesome begins. Give it a spin and find out for yourself!