Stop Spam Bots and Fake Users With The Worlds Fastest User Login

Put an end to those annoying Captcha codes that slow down or even send away your users! NoMoreCaptchas authenticates human beings and blocks bots based on the one thing that can never be faked – their behavior.

It’s enterprise-level spam protection for sites of all sizes.

New for NoMoreCaptchas 2.0! * Protects comment and ContactForm7 forms as well as registration and login pages automatically * Automatic protection for comments * More free verifications each month * Lower prices for subscribers * Built-in dashboard so you can see it work and keep track of who and what is trying to access your site * Contact Form 7 compatibility now with no extra coding

Developed at the University of Oxford, NoMoreCaptchas uses e-DNA (Electronically Defined Natural Attributes) to determine if a user is a human or a bot. Bots are sent away. Humans are welcomed into your site – without any puzzles, roadblocks or error-prone black lists to worry about – and without any content scanners that read your private messages before you do!

With version 2.0, you have a dashboard right on your site where you can see it work and keep track of who is being let in and what is kept out.

NoMoreCaptchas is free for personal use and for registered charities. For companies and other groups with needs beyond the personal blog or small site, we offer subscription-based services. For more information, please visit

Note: Be sure to register (it’s free!) at!/register to activate your NoMoreCaptchas and keep those bots away!