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Create, collaborate, and sell interactive longform narratives on a dedicated hosting platform built for storytelling.

Dear Storyteller,

Our journey begins in December of 2013. After completing work on a large site that allowed for multiple story layouts, then noticing the growing trend of long-form interactive stories such as Snowfall by NY Times, work began on a suite of tools to allow anyone to create these stories without any code at all. The idea was crowd-funded, which yielded enough to put out a very rough first version of the plugin that we dubbed Aesop Story Engine.

Fast forward a year later, $10K+, and over 20K downloads, our baby has matured pretty quickly. It serves as the very engine that drives the story experience here on Story.AM. It’s stable, and it’s absolutely a breeze to use. However, it’s still limited to use within a backend administration area.

That is, until now.

We need your help to test and finish a new, experimental story creation tool. A completely reimagined story editing experience not bound by an “administration” area, but editable from the front-end. We’re looking for a limited number of founding members who truly believe in what we’re doing and are interested in investing into the experience.

As a Founder, you’ll be amongst the first to test and provide feedback on the new editor, as you build stories within our hosted platform built for storytelling. Your living collection of stories design themselves based on the images and content represented within that story. For those intrepid developer types who are eager to experiment and play with the editor in their own environment, the plugin will be available for download. And we’ll be standing by to help you every step of the way.

Our goal is to empower storytellers and writers by providing polished, state-of-the-art tools to help carry those visions onto the web. We really need your help to test, invest, and provide feedback with what we have. Will you help us? Read our launch announcement.

— Team Aesop

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